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Our experience in this industry consists of performing industrial services such as safety audit, training & skill development in Construction, Underground Mining, Education / Schools, Ports and Iron & Steel industries,public utility services i.e. Municipal Corporations / NGO’s.

Safe & Healthy World Consulting Services, implements strict company standards and guidelines to ensure quality performance, excellent customer service, and a superior safety record.

* Quality is second only to safety. We take pride in our ability to perform high quality work while maintaining a safety working environment for our employee.

* We strive to exceed our customers’ expectations.

* We are committed to instructing all employees in safe and healthful work practices.

Safe & Healthy World deals with occupational health and safety of the workers in industry, environmental safety, and the prevention of major accidents with off-site consequences.

Safe & Healthy World works on Conventional risks, improving the safety performance in all industry sectors and reducing the impact of accidents taking into account technical, human, organizational and cultural aspects, and the current ‘state-of-the-art methods’ for safety management.

Improvement of industrial safety is important not only in human terms, to reduce workers’ pain and suffering, death toll and environmental & societal impact in case of major accidents, but it is also a way of ensuring that enterprises are successful and sustainable in economic terms.

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